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horseback riding near billings mt
follow the story of the fight on the little bighorn battlefield



Follow the Crow scouts and Custer’s 7th to Medicine Tail Coulee, and then re-trace Crazy Horse’s route from the village to Calhoun Hill, stopping at each significant site within the story of the engagement.

Pursue Crazy Horse and Custer, White Bull and White-Man-Runs-Him, across the hallowed ground between the National Park Service boundaries at the Reno-Benteen Battlefield and Calhoun Hill. Experience Weir Point on the ride from Cedar Coulee into Medicine Tail Coulee, before descending to the Little Bighorn River, which you will cross at the ford.


Then ride through the Oglala and Cheyenne village area, and then re-cross the Little Bighorn, tracing Crazy Horse’s movements as he led his men up Deep Coulee towards Calhoun Hill.


Your wranglers are world class horsemen, but they are not historians. They will point out the sites across the battlefield, and you will have a fabulous time with them (see testimonials) but for the full story, and to cut through the myths and reinventions of the most famous battle in Western history, please consider our Ride & Guide package where you ride in the morning and tour the battlefield through the afternooon.


Duration: Approx 8-11am

We ride in the morning. It gets too hot to ride comfortably in the afternoon, although afternoon rides from 3:30-6:30pm are sometimes possible outside of July and August. 
Please email if
you need to ride later. 


Meeting Place:

You will receive full directions when you make your online booking. 



Rides are available most days

May through October. 


Activity level: Medium. You must be agile enough to get on and off your horse (with help if needed) and to stay in the saddle for 3 hours.
Note - there are no bathrooms en route.



We take a $49 deposit via an online link in order to save your place for your ride.
The balance of $100 must be paid direct IN CASH to the wrangler on the day of your ride.   
Wranglers don't have credit card facilities and they cannot take checks.



No-shows do NOT receive deposits back.

We understand that travel plans change and are remarkably flexible with people BUT! We must have notice by 11am THE DAY BEFORE your ride if we are to try and change your date according to terms/conditions you sign. 

By not showing up, you are agreeing to us charging your card for the balance of your ride. 


The rides begin on a private tribal ranch near exit 510 off I-90.

Nearest accommodaton is in Hardin, MT about 10 minutes away) 

Sheridan WY and Billings MT are about equidistant from the battlefield and both offer considerably more options.  We have some OUTSTANDING OFFERS on accommodations to pass along to our clients. If you are looking for high quality hotels, booking with us can save you hundreds of $$.  



Contrary to popular belief,  the National Park Service does not own the Little Bighorn Battlefield lands. They lease the 4 mile road through the middle of the battlefield and have access to 6 feet either side of the road.  
This is a 3 hour trail on tribal lands. 


Please note the following:

  • There are no conveniences on the ride.

  • You MUST carry water with you

  • You must wear heeled shoes or boots. Absolutely no trainers  or flip flops please. If you don't have safe footwear you will not be able to ride and will lose your deposit.

  • Cell service is limited, but you shouldn't be using your phone on horseback anyways :)

You don't need to be an experienced rider to head back to June 25, 1876, but all riders must follow the advice of the guides/wranglers to the letter.  And although you don't need to be an experienced horseback rider to participate, please be aware that despite these horses being well trained and responsive, this is NOT nose-to-tail trail riding. 




Rides are available most days

May through October. 


Riding at Reenactment time :

We do not offer rides from the thursday prior to the reenactment, nor through that weekend. Everyone is too busy, the horses are all involved, and it's not possible.   
We usually offer a ride the next day (Monday afternoon) at 4pm

 Riding during Crow Fair
Rides are very limited through 

Crow Fair (third full w/e in August).
We understand visitors like to combine all experiences while here at Crow Agency, but Crow Fair is the biggest celebration on the tribe's cultural calendar.
It's family time. You cannot book online for that week - please
email here


Little Bighorn Horseback Ride  - $149 per rider for 3hr (approx) ride.

Group rides of more than 4, please email here

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you consider yourself to be a serious horseback rider, or you want to bring your own horses,

please DO NOT hit the 'book now' button! Instead please email here.


How hot does it get in Montana in summer?

Temperatures vary through the summer, anywhere from high 70s to mid 90s, but expect hot days and balmy nights.


What should I wear?

Be comfortable! Jeans are fine, and if its a hot day, long sleeves are a good idea to avoid sunburn - there is no shelter from the sun out on the battlefield. You need shoes/boots with heels. Please don't try to ride without - it is not safe.
Bring sunscreen, and a hat is a good idea.

Note: The wranglers do not offer riding helmets. If you feel you need one, please bring one with you. 


Do I need to be a good rider?

No. You don't need to be an experienced rider, and the wranglers will make sure you know what you are doing before you leave the to cross the Little Bighorn River. That said, you do need to have the confidence that you will enjoy your horseback experience. If you are a nervous rider, this may not be for you. Please do NOT persuede friends/family members to ride if they don't want to - it's miserable to be on horseback if you are scared. We can offer you ideas for other things in the area to occupy non-riders in your party while YOU ride. 


Will my wrangler tell the story of the battle as we ride across the battlefield?

This is a ride across the battlefield and your wrangles will point out land features and historical places, but they are not historians per se, and the point is the experience of riding in the footsteps of Crazy Horse and Custer rather than a blow-by-blow account as you ride. 


Is there a weight restriction for riders?

We need to know if anyone in your party is 230 lb or above. This doesn't mean you can't ride, but we do need to have the right horses available. 


Is there an age restriction for riders?

We don't have a specific age, but we don't recommend the ride for kids. This is not nose-to-tail riding, and although we can sometimes offer kids horses or leading reins, it can be a hot and lengthy ride for youngsters. Most 13 year olds (and up) love this ride. 
We don't have an upper limit either - people know the
ir own abilities and usually know if they feel able to sit on a horse for 3 hours, but if you are older, please don't over-estimate yourself. If the ride does become too much for you, we can have someone come and pick you up, but please understand we have to pay them and pass the $100 charge on to you. 


Am I insured to ride?

Not by us. You should check your own vacation insurance to be sure you are insured to ride. Not all insurance packages include horseback riding, and you may need to pay an additional charge to cover yourself. Like everyone who rides in the Western states, you MUST sign a waiver form indemnifying us and holding us harmless in the event of any injury of any kind. We (Little Bighorn Tours, Go Native America or the Real Bird Family) are not responsible for any injury you may sustain on a Little Bighorn Horseback Ride.


Will I get to ride on Last Stand Hill?

The Monument at Last Stand Hill is out of bounds to riders. It is a pedestrian area and we do not ride horseback to it. You are welcome to visit the area yourself on foot before or after your ride, and you should definitely take time to visit the Indian Memorial while you are there.

Will there bathroom breaks?

No. Sorry, but there are no facilities on the battlefield, and not even any trees/bushes where you couldn't be seen from most directions!
Riders need to be able to manage without a comfort stop for 3 hours. The nearest bathrooms are at the gas station or the Custer Battlefield Trading Post on the hill across from the National Park Service entrance to the battlefield.  


If you have further questions, please EMAIL HERE 

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