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rosebud battlefield


Can we do this? Can we really offer you the chance to ride the Rosebud Battlefield 


Actually we can, but it takes A LOT of arranging. 


But this is a LONG ride - several miles , rough ground, and multiple hours, so if you want to do this you better be pretty hardy, and fully insured!


Please call the office on 307 699 6015 to discuss dates, rates and logistics.

We are starting a special mailing list for folks who would be interested in doing this ride in the hope that if we have several people sign up we can defray their costs somewhat. 


Please join the list by emailing HERE 


We will need your name, phone number and the month you would ideally like to ride.

We will not call you unless we know we are getting close to having enough prospective riders. 



How hot does it get in Montana in summer?

Temperatures vary through the summer, anywhere from high 70s to mid 90s, but expect hot days and balmy nights.


What should I wear?

Be comfortable! Jeans are fine, and if its a hot day, long sleeves are a good idea to avoid sunburn - there is no shelter from the sun out on the battlefield. You need shoes/boots with heels. Please don't try to ride without - it is not safe.


Do I need to be a good rider?

No. You don't need to be an experienced rider, and the wranglers will make sure you know what you are doing before you leave the to cross the Little Bighorn River.


Will my wrangler tell the story of the battle as we ride across the battlefield?

No. This is a ride across the battlefield and your wrangles will point out land features and historical places, but they are not historians and will not be telling the full story as you go. If you want the whole story from tribal historians, please book Ride and Guide (an all-day experience beginning at 8am and running til early evening)


Is there a weight restriction for riders?

We need to know if anyone in your party is 230 lb or above. This doesn't mean you can't ride, but we do need to have the right horses available. 


Is there an age restriction for riders?

We don't have a specific age, but we don't recommend the ride for kids. This is not nose-to-tail riding, and although we can sometimes offer kids horses or leading reins, it can be a hot and lengthy ride for youngsters.
We don't have an upper limit either - people know their own abilities and usually know if they feel able to sit on a horse for 3 hours.


Am I insured to ride?

Not by us. You should check your own vacation insurance to be sure you are insured to ride. Not all insurance packages include horseback riding, and you may need to pay an additional charge to cover yourself. Like everyone who rides in the Western states, you MUST sign a waiver form indemnifying us and holding us harmless in the event of any injury of any kind. We (Little Bighorn Tours, Go Native America or the Real Bird Family) are not responsible for any injury you may sustain on a Little Bighorn Horseback Ride.


Will I get to ride on Last Stand Hill?

The Monument at Last Stand Hill is out of bounds to riders. It is a pedestrian area and we do not ride horseback to it. You are welcome to visit the area yourself on foot before or after your ride.


If you have further questions, please call +1.307.699.6015

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